Sugar Bowl: Week of 5/18/13

I’m sorry for not really posting once this week. A medical procedure that should have been minor resulted in a close relative being hospitalized for three days (everything is fine now, though!). I spent most of my week in a freezing cold hospital room and the rest of the week I spent reading.

Book review blogs might be a dime a dozen, but I’m wondering if I should post a little review of Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood. Most of the time I’m sort of indifferent about the opinions of others on books (I’m reading Ender’s Game right now, which my friends love, yet I don’t think I like it). However, Norwegian Wood just provided me with a lot of food for thought. I don’t really care about writing a review regarding what the book is about or whether or not I liked it (let’s be real here, it’s Murakami), although I would like to publish a few of my thoughts provoked by some of the stuff going on in the text.

Anyway—on to the links!

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Sugar Bowl: Week of 5/11/13

I’ve been spamming up this blog quite a bit this week. However, I wanted to stick to my promise that I wouldn’t skip this week’s Sugar Bowl or post late. I’ve also adopted the habit of writing loads and loads of commentary along with my links, which I tried to do less of this week. Plus I just found a lot of neat stuff to read over the past few days and would do well to direct my comments about these posts, you know, on the actual posts. Anyway, click below to see my favorite links.

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Belated Sugar Bowl: Week of 5/4/13

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently graduated from college and moved out of my place in Orlando. Currently, I’m living with my aunt in Columbia, SC, and with any luck I’ll find myself settled into Winston-Salem, NC, in the coming weeks.

Although I would usually consider myself pretty laid-back, this feeling of not being in school or employed is making me feel extremely restless. I feel like I’m caught in limbo right now, and while my friends and family are encouraging me to take it easy for a while, I can’t help but plunge into looking for a job right away. I just want to start my new life as soon as possible so that I can start a new social life (leaving all of my friends behind in Orlando was pretty traumatic. I spent most of my going-away party sobbing uncontrollably, locked in my friend’s room like a freak).

In light of all of that, I was still able to stay (somewhat) in touch with the blog-o-sphere. I’ve listed the highlights below. I promise that this week I won’t be late!

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Sugar Bowl: Week of 4/27/13

Oh my God—I graduate next week.

I move next week, too.

The following are some of the things I’ve been reading this past week to distract myself from the anxiety of finishing my undergraduate education and starting a transitional period of my life. I’m pretty nervous about finding a full-time job in a new place, especially since I’ve been out of work for a while. I need to seriously work on my resume because it’s currently pitiful-looking.

Compared to last week’s mania, I feel like this week had far fewer blogs that really caught my eye. Then again, I might just be feeling too wound-up to really settle down and comb carefully through my feed. In any case, click below to see what I’ve been reading this week instead of working on the dozens of tasks I need to complete before next Wednesday!

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Sugar Bowl: Week of 4/20/13

I really hate the word (phrase?) “roundup.” It reminds me of Toy Story 2. Although TS2 is a good movie, that damn “Woody’s Roundup” song still gets stuck in my head to this day, and I probably haven’t even seen the movie since the third Toy Story film was released. In any case, I’ve chosen not to use the word “roundup” for my link list (and “link list” sounds too boring). Instead, I’m using a kind of stupid, albeit non-irritating-song related, title for my occasional (weekly? bi-weekly? only time will tell) link lists: sugar bowl.

The embarrassing idea behind this title is the thinking that sugar is added to a variety of almost all drinks—coffee and tea in particular. Everyone has their own preference towards this ritual, and the spoonful, pinch, or dozens of packets of sugar we add to our morning drinks seem to add just that little extra something to our daily experience. I feel like link lists do the same thing—everyone has their own taste in reading material, and a good blog or two can just give our day some extra sweetness.

This whole metaphor falls on its face when considering that many people take their drinks without any sugar added. Maybe I should have thought this through a little better…

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