Sugar Bowl: Week of 5/18/13

I’m sorry for not really posting once this week. A medical procedure that should have been minor resulted in a close relative being hospitalized for three days (everything is fine now, though!). I spent most of my week in a freezing cold hospital room and the rest of the week I spent reading.

Book review blogs might be a dime a dozen, but I’m wondering if I should post a little review of Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood. Most of the time I’m sort of indifferent about the opinions of others on books (I’m reading Ender’s Game right now, which my friends love, yet I don’t think I like it). However, Norwegian Wood just provided me with a lot of food for thought. I don’t really care about writing a review regarding what the book is about or whether or not I liked it (let’s be real here, it’s Murakami), although I would like to publish a few of my thoughts provoked by some of the stuff going on in the text.

Anyway—on to the links!

  • Did you grow up reading the cute little Mr./Ms. books? I know I sure did–I think that Little Miss Know-It-All was my favorite. It may be sort of strange (I’m still on the fence about whether or not this is a joke), but read these Amazon reviews of Roger Hargreaves’s Mr. books by a guy who I’m sure would make a fantastic literary critic:

    In a thinly-veiled reference to the oppression of the workers by the ruling class, we are told that Mr Uppity is rude to everyone, and the detail that he has no friends in Bigtown explicitly informs us that the masses are on the brink of revolution. Are we about to bear witness to class war, Hargreaves-style? To see Mr Uppity brought to account by the revolutionary power of the proletariat? Vanquished and overthrown by the party of the workers?

  • In the spirit of my “Why I Miss the Goth Subculture” post, I bring you a selection of comic book covers drawn in the likenesses of the most tortured, bleeding-heart musicians of the 1980s.
  • I used to think that if I were only prettier or thinner, my life would be more vibrant and exciting and all of my problems would magically vanish. Of course, this type of thinking is pretty foolish, as evidenced by a post on the TED blog that extrapolates on model Cameron Russell’s TED presentation on beauty and society.
  • As someone who hates mumblecore and bro-y films, I had to link this post that criticizes Hollywood for continuing to objectify women in movie roles, despite the success of female-centric films like The Hunger Games and Bridesmaids (which, in my opinion, still have their own issues and are hardly Feminist Holy Grails).
  • What would a Sugar Bowl be without a link to Eat the Damn Cake? I adore that blog, and I adore the latest entry about therapy, about forgiveness, and about our perspectives of our past and the experiences that shaped us (especially during childhood).
  • Call me lazy (or just guilty, since I’ve been neglecting this blog so much this week) but I can appreciate the occasional blog post about slowing down, taking the pressure off of yourself, and learning to let go of anxiety when it comes to accomplishing an endless to-do list.
  • I’m not a fan of beer, but learning about your local breweries and what your region is known for regarding alcohol seems like a nifty way to learn more about your community.
  • Compassion is one of the values I hold to deeply. Although it can be an extremely painful thing sometimes, feeling compassion for others starts with feeling compassion for yourself.
  • I suffer from sometimes crippling shyness and social anxiety. It’s a weakness that I am committed to improving, and these 7 TED talks about the importance of talking to strangers might help infuse motivation in my introverted self (within reason, of course, I’m still traumatized by Stranger Danger).
  • I consider “banned books” lists a challenge. Therefore, when I saw this list of books not to read in your 20’s, I instantly felt tempted. After finishing Ender’s Game I’m going to pick up a copy of Into the Wild. Take that, Flavorwire.
  • I know that Mother’s Day 2013 is old news, but I really appreciated The Belle Jar’s commentary on the gendering of Mother’s Day versus Father’s Day and the proposition that we celebrate all parents and caregivers.

I’m thinking about turning Sugar Bowl into a bi-weekly, rather than weekly, post. It’s more important to me to put out original content than to write link lists and publish them in every other entry.

Oh, and this is unrelated, but I’m thinking about partaking in the Pintester challenge (test a Pinterest pin, write a post about it, done) for the fun of it. There’s actually a pin I’ve been dying to try (because it seems so ridiculous) so this idea sounded kind of enticing. Maybe I’ll dress up as a Victorian housewife to make the post seem more “cultured” and then that way I can add clip art of a wood engraving as the featured image.

Have a good week, everyone!

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