Clairifications & Introductions

Since first posts on a blog are inevitably the most awkward and uncomfortable types of text ever (both to write and to read), I’ll try to make this one more on the informative side and less on the “Uh, err…” side.

What this blog is and the kind of content you will find here:

  • cultural commentary including but not limited to: feminism, LGBTQ, pop culture, race issues, current events and politics
  • arts and humanities: I am a Literature major and my analyses on texts will likely bleed into this blog. I can’t promise that I won’t be posting rambling book reviews or gushing about poetry (because, um, I totally will). Additionally, I have interests in music, art, philosophy, history, film, theater, etc.
  • thoughts on my personal lifestyle: I’m a 20-something trying to take responsibility for and take care of myself—I don’t get much help from my parents. I’ll likely be posting about personal experiences related to school, careers, traveling and (my pathetic attempt at) domesticity.
  • miscellaneous lists: I’m not an expert on anything really but since it’s easier and more accessible to others to break up parts of a post into fragments (such as this list!) I will definitely be doing so on a regular basis.

What this blog is not:

  • an intimate diary. All “personal” posts will be somewhat distant and I will try to refrain from mentioning specific names or details.
  • a tumblr/Pinterest. As much as I like fashion, dumb internet memes, and funny videos, I’ll try to keep this blog mostly focused on my *own* content.
  • an advertisement. I will refrain from posting too many “go out and buy this neat thing!” posts unless the commodity in question is something really neat. Or if I’m raving about a book, in which case, libraries are the way to go!
  • a place for me to be hoity-toity. Like I said before, I’m not really an expert on much of anything. I think that it’s important to keep this blog’s content relatively light and accessible (for, you know, all four of its readers). This isn’t to say that I’m dumbing myself down for all the plebeians of the internet, rather, I just think it’s more important to be honest and straightforward than to make a bunch of pretentious posts.
  • an open forum. I post what I want to post and this is my blog and mine alone. Suggestions are totally cool but ultimately I’m only going to be writing on topics that I care about, not about ones that I feel like will get the most views.

I should also add that I don’t have any plans for a “schedule” of posts. I’m really just going to write when the mood strikes (ahem, when I’m procrastinating on other things). I hope people who are exposed to this page like what they find! Definitely leave feedback if you have any thoughts or questions. Uh, err, ’til next time!


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